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Movement, music, art, emotion.  The Sonoran Sol Project is here to push boundaries and to share short films of Arizona creatives in motion.

As a Phoenix native and local D.J. (Sophia Gunn) I am blessed to meet amazing Phoenicians engaged in a wild variety of creative endeavors. Working, talking, hanging out with them inspired me to tell their stories.

Sonoran SOL began as a passion project with the filming and editing process being purely an emotional story telling journey.  Sometimes I am merely documenting a scene. On other occasions, I’m attempting to convey the feeling or emotion the artist evokes in me.  I believe it is important to tell a story with visual and audio details; to help kindle emotions, to connect the viewer and artist, to unfold a story as a journey.

My hope for our community and the Sol Project:  to encourage you to connect to your creativity and connect

to the SOL artist.  

Thank you so much for supporting Sonoran SOL and the talented people who make up our community. 

All films can be viewed via the SOL instagram or vimeo. 

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